Formation of Fayette County

Fayette County Townships

Cities and Townships  Boroughs

Formation of Fayette County and Its Townships, Boroughs and Cities

Fayette County was formed on September 26, 1783 from Westmoreland County.

“Whereas a great number of the inhabitants of that part of Westmoreland county circumscribed by the rivers Monongahela and Youghiogheny and Mason and Dixon’s line have by their petition humbly represented to the assembly of this state the great inconvenience they labor under by reason of their distance from the seat of jurisdiction in said county:

For remedy whereof:

[Section I.] (Section II P.L.)  Be it enacted…..That all and singular the lands lying within that part of Westmoreland county [description given]…be and hereby are erected into a county, named and hereafter to be called Fayette county….

p. 199

…That it shall and may be lawful to and for Edward Cook, Robert Adams, Theophilus Phillips, James Dougherty and Thomas Rodgers … to purchase … a piece of land situated in Uniontown in trust and for the use of the inhabitants of the said county and thereon to erect and build a court house and prison sufficient to accommodate the public service of the said county…”

(V.11 Statutes at Large, p. 196, chap. 1056)

That part of Fayette County above the Youghiogheny River was annexed into Fayette County on February 17, 1784 (V.11, Statutes at Large, p. 234, chap. 1068).